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Trachtenberg Multiplication is an alternative system of basic multiplication. Where the multiplication tables provide the results of several operations of addition, this system is a collection of algorithms. With this system, students can learn an amazing method of multiplication that will increase their curiosity and desire to continue learning Mathematics - the Queen of the Sciences. This system can be a strongly motivating introduction to Algebra.



The Download
Here you can download a free copy of Altissima's tutorial software for Jacob Trachtenberg's Basic Method of Multiplication. The program includes a synopsis of the history of the method as told in the book The Trachtenberg System of Basic Mathematics. You can download the software for GNU/Linux or MS-Windows.

Book The Book
When your students ask (and they will!) "How does it work?", you will have an opportunity to say "The key to understanding systems like this can be found in Algebra." The algebraic solution and much more is in the book "The Trachtenberg Speed System of Basic Mathematics" by Cutler & McShane, which is published by Greenwood Press and can be purchased here from