Manatee Bay is a non-profit organization that designs and builds clusters of islands in the South Eastern Florida Intracoastal waterway and in the Caribbean Islands that serve as safe havens for the Florida and West Indian Manatees. There are great benefits for everyone:

  • First, the manatees have a secure safe haven.
  • Schoolchildren and students of marine biology are able to study at these sites.
  • Casual tourists can visit another interesting and easily accessible wildlife site.
  • Boaters, divers and photographers also enjoy an additional interesting locale.
  • The local neighborhoods benefit economically from a nature tourist attraction.
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This is a proposal to create a tourist / student / environmental park in the Intra-coastal bay of Hollywood Beach. The proposed cluster of islands will be a safe haven for manatees, a large water garden with walking paths and many species of native flora which will naturally attract butterflies, birds, insects, bats and lizards. There may also be a south-facing ‘aquarium wall’ where visitors may view the marine life at eye level. Download the pdf to view and print a document.


  • A protected environmental site for manatees, lizards, bats and migrating birds and butterflies.
  • An educational site for visiting students of manatees, birds, bats, lizards and butterflies.
  • This island cluster will naturally enforce the “no-wake zone” that is posted at the area and protect the manatees from fast boats and speeding personal craft, and reduce the noise pollution for the nearby homes and apartments which line the bay on all sides, enhancing the quality of life in the neighborhood.
  • South Florida will have another set of attractions for visitors. Photographs of the island clusters can be assembled into calendars, postcards, place-mats and such and sold to South Florida businesses with their logos as promotional items.
  • A café on one of the islands can provide an income to maintain the island gardens. During the day the café can offer lunch and refreshments for the visitors and tourists. On weekends, at night, the café can offer a dining & dancing atmosphere with soft lights and soft environmentally acceptable music.
  • Because of their proximity, the Hollywood Hotel and restaurants in the area can expect to benefit from the visitor traffic.


Proposal for Manatee Bay of Hollywood South Lake:

Actual Photo of Hollywood South Lake: