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Planetary Time Duration In Signs

How much time does each planet spend in each sign? There seem to be wave motions. Are these waves moving over the millenia?

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Mouse over the illustration to see a graph The data for the graph starts in March 1781 and ends in December 2012. There is a wavy variation with an average of 7000 earth days in each sign during that period for each planet. The Sun and Venus have very gentle waves and there is a high spike for Mars. These waves are probably part of a movement around the signs over millenia. The crests of the waves are interesting as they go off in different directions. How will these orbits appear from a heliocentric perspective?

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This study was the wish of a beginning astrology student in 1973 that was impractical to prepare in book form. The web, however, is an ideal medium for this kind of research! The project was first mounted on the web some time before 5:20 pm (before sunset) on January 16, 1998 from Miami Beach, Florida.

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